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Gotrax NEPHELE 16" Electric Bike, Max Range 25Miles(Pedal-assist)&Max Speed 15.5Mph, 350W Folding E-Bike with Removable Battery, Front Suspension &Adjustable Seat, Commuter Electric Bicycle for Adults

$ 359.99 $251.99
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About this item

🚲【Powerful Riding Performance】Gotrax NEPHELE electric bike is powered by 350W brushless motor with max speed of 15.5MPH. Equipped with 16" tires and a 280.8Wh removable battery, it can travel 15.5miles on pure electric mode with just 5.5 hours of charging. If in Pedal-Assist mode, it can travel up to more than 25miles. Plus, carry an extra battery for embraced a longer travel experiences.
🚲【Tailored Safety & Comfort】Gotrax NEPHELE E-bike features a height-adjustable seat and adjustable handlebar, allowing for personalized comfort on extended journeys. Enhanced by dual disc brakes and front shock absorbers, it delivers powerful stopping ability, ensuring both safety and comfort. The console and bell contribute to a confident and secure ride across a variety of road conditions.
🚲【Diverse Riding Experiences】Explore 3 riding modes for a fulfilling journey! Effortlessly cruise, exercise, or commute seamlessly – we have you covered. Select Pure Electric Mode, Pedal-Assist Mode, or ride like a normal bike, tailoring your mode to match the purpose of your journey. Plus, the rear cargo rack can be equipped with a basket for transporting luggage to lighten the load on your backpack.
🚲【Seize Your Riding Freedom】Immerse yourself in unparalleled convenience with Gotrax NEPHELE electric bike! Its foldable design ensures easy storage in your garage or any compact space. Commute, travel, or embark on outdoor adventures – Gotrax NEPHELE E-bike effortlessly follows your lead. Savor diverse pleasures on your journeys and enjoy an overall enhanced ride – anytime, anywhere.
🚲【Easy Assembly & After Sales Guarantee】The electric bike is easy to assemble, most of the work already done and clear instructions and tools provided. Plus, Gotrax comes with a 365-day limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects. If you experience any problems, we will strive to provide you with 100% satisfactory after-sales service.

style‎16" 350w White
voltage‎36 Volts
wattage‎350 watts
bike_type‎City Bike, Electric Bike
wheel_size‎16 Inches
power_source‎Battery Powered
warranty_type‎365 Days
package_weight‎31.3 Kilograms
special_feature‎25 Miles Max Range (Pedal-assist1), With Rear Cargo Rack, Powerful Removable Battery, Adjustable Handlebars, Foldable Design, 5.5 Hours Fast Charge, 350W Brushless Motor, Dual Disc Brake, Adjustable Comfort Seat, 2 Charging Options, Front Shock Absorbing Fork, 3 Cycling Modes, Recommend Height 155-190cm, Suitable for Commuter/Leisure, 15.5Mph Max Speed
suspension_type‎Front Shock Absorbing Fork
customer_reviews4.8 4.8 out of 5 stars 121 ratings 4.8 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank#21,280 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors) #7 in Adult Electric Bicycles
included_components‎Electric Bike, Charger, Tools, Manual
date_first_availableOctober 13, 2023
warranty_description‎The Limited 365 Days Warranty only covers parts or issues due to manufacturer defects.
item_dimensions_lxwxh‎57.9 x 21.5 x 44.9 inches
lithium_battery_energy_content‎280.8 Watt Hours
item_package_dimensions_l_x_w_x_h‎48.5 x 25 x 9 inches

  • John

    I recently purchased this electric bike from Amazon and I am absolutely thrilled with my decision. This bike has exceeded all my expectations and has brought me immense joy in my daily commutes.The assembly process was smooth and straightforward thanks to the detailed instructions provided. I was up and running in no time! The design is sleek, modern, and the bike itself is extremely sturdy - definitely built to last.The ride quality is truly amazing. The motor is surprisingly powerful and quiet, making my rides smooth and enjoyable. I am especially impressed with the battery life. It lasts longer than advertised and charges quickly, ensuring I am always ready for my next ride.This bike has proved to be incredibly efficient for my daily commutes, saving me a significant amount on fuel costs. It's also great for leisurely rides around the park. The different speed options add to the versatility of the bike, making it suitable for various terrains and rides.In short, I wholeheartedly recommend this electric bike to anyone looking for a reliable, cost-effective, and enjoyable mode of transport. It is an investment worth every penny! This is not just a purchase, but an upgrade to a greener and more fun lifestyle.Thank you, Amazon, for delivering this wonderful product on time and in perfect condition. Truly a five-star experience!

  • Maria

    Two things which impressed me are its speed and functionality. Assembly was a breeze. Took 15 minutes for my husband to fully set it up.The speed gear is very sensitive and it goes fast. It goes from zero to 15MPH in no time. Can be used to go check mail, to go to park, to pick up kids from school or even go to office if it’s within 15 miles. It’s small and lightweight. Can be folded right from the middle of the bike to put it in the car trunk or to put away in your garage or to take it in your office.Moreover my teenage daughter and I both are using it and it’s fantastic. The seat height is adjustable which makes it very convenient.Battery is removable and can be charged both off and on the bike.The look and feel of this bike is awesome too. You can use it as normal bike or electric bike and I’m loving it both ways.

  • Mandy

    This is the best e-bike out there that is great for budget. It was so easy to assemble. Took me less than 30 minutes and the instructions were very easy to follow. The bike feels very solid and safe while going fast speeds. I love this bike! Having the battery assist has helped me so much in the simple fact that I can go anywhere now. it’s very sporty and I really like the removable battery built into the frame .The battery life lasts so long.Its very comfortable and it can folds in half for easy storing in my motorhome or in my car. I would definitely recommend this product if you looking for a good looking, well built electric bike.It is really a fun ride.Love it!

  • Laura Lynch

    This bike is awesome. I got this bike to travel to close places, My area is hilly, so the electric bike is great to travel up hills compared to a traditional bike. I am still able to petal manually, and the brakes are powerful. The bike has simple directions to put together as well as a number to call in case I needed help (I didn't.) All the tools are included. The bike charges within a couple hours. It comes with a charger, and completely runs on electric charge.It's pretty fun to ride, and I looking for a basket that will fit securely on the back. It folds down easily if I wanted to place it in my trunk and travel with it. It's easy to go to the store a couple miles away. The headlights are bright. The seat is comfortable. I like every aspect of this bike, and would recommend it for anyone who is apprehensive about getting a motored bike.

  • Ryan Wilson

    The functionality of the bike is great. It folds and fits easily in the small trunk of my car. The battery life seems good and it goes plenty fast for the small tires it has. The ride is uncomfortable on anything but smooth ground and I crashed it because of loose gravel. Definitely not an off road bike, but you can’t have everything especially at the 500$ tier.

  • S

    I'm delighted with my Gotrax NEPHELE 16" Electric Bike. Its powerful 350W brushless motor and 15.5MPH max speed make commuting a breeze, with a 25-mile range in Pedal-Assist mode. The adjustable seat and handlebar ensure a personalized, comfortable ride, enhanced by dual disc brakes and front shock absorbers for safety. The diverse riding modes cater to different needs, and the foldable design adds convenience for storage in compact spaces. The 5.5-hour fast charge for the 280.8Wh removable battery keeps me ready for any adventure. Assembling was easy, and it only takes me 15 minutes. Highly recommended for a reliable, convenient, and enjoyable electric bike experience.

  • Ellen j.

    This bike exceeded my expectations. With a weight limit of 264 lbs, my hubby, weighing around 220 lbs, praised its solid and well-built design. Even on rough roads with stones, the ride was surprisingly smooth. The speed is spot-on, and charging is a breeze - no fuss. The adjustable seat and handlebar ensure a comfortable fit for those long rides. We love the different riding modes: electric, pedal-assist, or just regular cruising. The foldable design is a storage game-changer.As the weather warms up, we're eager to clock more miles on my new bike. Just like others have mentioned, I'm giving a thumbs-up to this electric bike. If you're looking for a hassle-free, budget-friendly, and fun ride, this is the one. This brand is renowned for making great-value electric bikes and scooters, and hope this NEPHELE lives up to the hype.

  • Steve

    The electric bike has a good design, along with a convenient rack in the back. The front and rear lights are bright, which provides a strong sense of safety when riding at night. This is very important for me during the winter. The height of the seat and handlebar are adjustable, which is very convenient for our family to accommodate different people. Another very important feature is its foldability. It saves space for storing it. The battery is also durable; it accelerates quickly; and the travel is quite stable.

  • Allen C. Huffman

    I have never owned a folding bike before, but I do have a normal eBike. I am reviewing this from the perspective of someone who loves their eBike, but is unsure on folding bikes -- especially cheap ones.Please see my video overview for more details.This bike ships in a large box, and must be assembled. All necessary tools are included (some Allen wrenches, wenches, and a screwdriver). The manual is well written with diagrams for every step. It read well - not the typical poorly translated “Engrish” manuals I have gotten used to.Assembly took me about 45 minutes, though I bet I spent 5-10 just clipping off zip ties and removing packing. The steps are all well explained, and none are more complex than “put this in that and tighten the other.” I did find it odd that the manual starts giving instructions on how to fold the bike down before it was fully assembled. There was also a front axel brace installed on my unit, which needed to be removed before the wheel could be attached - the manual did not mention that, and my lack of experience with building bikes had me confused for a moment.Once assembled, the tires need to be inflated to the values shown on them — mine were 40 PSI max. The battery also must be charged with the surprisingly small charger. The manual says charge time is 5 1/2 hours, but I did not time mine. I just kept an eye on the red light of the charger and unplugged it when it turned green.The handlebar and seat can be adjusted up and down with a quick release clamp. There are numbered markers on the post so once you find your settings, it is very easy to set them again if you have to shorten them for folding (or for someone else to ride it).I am 5’ 10” and there was enough adjustment room to set it up for me to ride comfortably.Folding the bike is done in two steps. There is a quick release on the frame when must be undone, and then pulled to one side to release a pin. Only then will the frame fold over. The handlebar has a similar quick release. With the frame and handlebar folder down, it is quite compact and fits easily in the back storage compartment of my car. The pedals also can be folded flat.When folded, it did not appear there was any way to lock things in place. Once you figure out where to grip it to pick it up, it is easy, but the first time I tried it, the bike was kinda unfolding.There are two sets of keys included — three for the ignition, and two for the battery. The battery slides in to a groove, and then the key can be used to lock it in place. To activate the battery, the key can turn from “off” (locked in place) to “on” (locked in place, and activated). A third position is “unlocked”, for removing the battery. There is a charging port on the side of the battery, and another connector where you plug a cable from the bike in to the battery.On the handlebar is a bell, and another keyhole. A second key is used here to go from “off”, to “on” to “on + lights.” There is a front headlight that is quite bright, and a tail light. When brakes are applied, the tale light flashes.Although the bike has pedals, they are not required to make it run on the motor. You tap the brake, and then just turn the grip and the bike takes off. And it really takes off. This is a single speed bike, and I wasn’t expecting the small 350 watt motor to be this responsive.You can ride full on electric without pedaling at all, unlike some expensive eBikes that only run in “pedal assist” mode. I quite like that.I am only in my first week of owning this bike, and I expect to update this review in the Spring with more observations. For now, the first rides have been surprisingly fun.I expected the small 16” tires to give a rough ride, but they do not. I tested a particularly bumpy sidewalk to test the front suspension and it worked well.I expected the smaller motor to have problems on a steep incline in the neighborhood. That hill is enough that my Gotrax scooter barely makes it up. This bike just slowed down to about 9 mph and kept on going. I was pleasantly surprised.On the handlebar is a simple display that just shows battery level - one to four bars. There is no speedometer or odometer. It would be nice to have both, though I did test speed using a GPS app and saw the bike easily doing the 15 mph speed the manufacture states. As to distance on a charge, I do have a way to verify that. I have been taking trips through the neighborhood, around the block, and am still on my original charge. I plan to take the bike to work and ride it to lunch and see how many days of light travel I can get on the battery.eBikes are heavy, but since you can quickly remove the battery, you can lighten it a bit for loading it in an out of a car. For storage at home, I leave it set up, but you can fold it down and push the seat down to make it more compact.The bike has front and rear disc brakes. They work well, though I need to adjust my front brakes. During assembly, I pushed them a bit more than I should have, trying to get the disc in the right place. Mine rub slightly, so I need to adjust that.Pedaling the bike is okay, but as one would expect from a single speed bike with small wheels, it’s not going to give you the ride experience you get with a full size bike. I could easily pedal around the block, but I don’t expect to ever have to pedal this bike unless my battery runs out on me. I consider this an electric bike with a pedal backup system ;-)It is winter here in Iowa, so all my test riding has been in sub-freezing temperatures. This is not great for battery life, so I expect it to be even better when temperatures warm up.No complaints here. I think I am sold on the concept of a folding bike. There’s something really nice about being able to undo two quick releases and fold it down, then just pick it up and set it in the back of the car. If I want to take my other bike anywhere, I have to hook up the bike rack. I can fold and load this bike quicker than I can get the bike rack attached.Very pleased so far. I will update this review if I encounter any issues.

  • Xiaosheng C.

    I bought this E bike for my 12 year old son for his Christmas present. I am not a bike person and this is actually our first e bike in the family. We have a couple of normal bikes but not used much. We have a bike wagon for my younger one but it is so difficult to ride it uphill with a normal bike. That is why I bought this e bike with a thinking to use it for the wagon LOL.Assemble: it is pretty smooth. A quick tip: I would suggest to read through the user manual before the assemble process.Quality and performance: good quality bike, a little heavier than a normal mountain bike but I can lift it up with no problem. Make sure pump up the tire before the first ride. It came with around 50% air. It runs very smoothly and fast, make sure wear a helmet. It makes uphill so easy and make a bike ride much more enjoyable.Riding with a wagon, no pressure at all. I need to keep reminding my older son to slow down and need to remind him that it is about time to go home which it has been the total opposite while we ride with normal bikes LOL. I am happy with this bike. My son is happier.