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Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike 350W(Peak 500W) Electric City Cruiser Bicycle Up to 40 Miles Removable Battery, 7-Speed and Dual Shock Absorber, 26" Electric Commuter Bike for Adults

$ 372.79 $260.95
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About this item

LONG RANGE BATTERY & POWERFUL MOTOR – With modular 36V, 10Ah battery, the Cityscape allows riders to travel up to 40 miles per charge using pedal assist. 350w rear-drive motor provides reliable support and 19mph top speed.
UPGRADE YOUR COMMUTING- Better improved materials Step-Through geometry frame and wide swept-back handlebar, With all the benefits of the Cityscape,this is the true comfort cruiser you've been searching for.
EXCELLENT RIDING EXPERIENCE- Equipped with 26" puncture resistant tires,7-speed and shock absorber. Cityscape lets you get across town like never before. The perfect dual disc brakes and lighting system fully protect your safety.
3 WORKING MODES- Breeze around without the need to pedal at all when using the throttle function or, if you fancy pedaling, kick in one of the three different levels of pedal assist to help you get where you're going without breaking a sweat.
RREADY TO GO - The electric bike already comes mostly pre-assembled so you won't have to waste time with complicated assembly. Integrated rear rack can attach panniers, platforms or baskets and let the bike carry your cargo and next adventure.

size‎26" Tire Bike
voltage‎36 Volts
wattage‎350 watts
bike_type‎Commuting Bike
grip_type‎Removable Grip
wheel_size‎26 Inches
item_weight‎58.4 Pounds
wheel_width‎1.95 Inches
frame_material‎Carbon Steel
package_weight‎74 Pounds
special_feature‎Adjustable Seat
customer_reviews4.6 4.6 out of 5 stars 500 ratings 4.6 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank#59,588 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors) #66 in Adult Electric Bicycles
included_components‎Taillight, Shimano 7-Speed, Front Light, Tires, 350W motor
date_first_availableMay 11, 2021
item_dimensions_lxwxh‎0.75 x 24 x 45 inches
bicycle_gear_shifter_type‎Twist Grip
maximum_weight_recommendation‎264 Pounds
lithium_battery_energy_content‎360 Watt Hours
seatpost_travel_distance_maximum‎40 Miles
item_package_dimensions_l_x_w_x_h‎59 x 31 x 11 inches

  • Tristan Banks

    This is a copy of my review from my HeyBike Explore purchase, but it speaks about HeyBike the brand.Let's start with this, prior to purchasing my HeyBike I haven't rode a bike for many years, and before ordering I never even sat on an E-Bike. When I made the decision that I wanted an E-Bike I spent a couple of months (winter time) researching different ones, I knew I did not want to spend a ton of cash, I live in Minnesota and our summers are short, so going to the local bike shops and buying a 3k bike is not a wise choice, especially not having any idea if I'd even like it. I landed on HeyBikes early on in my research, I must have looked at every E-Bike for sale on Amazon under $1400, I kept on coming back to HeyBike though, after reading a majority of the negative reviews I was ready, most of those reviews had to do with the assembly or shipping, not the performance of the bike. Before I hit the place order button I thought to myself, "if I am going to buy this big awesome looking bike who am I going to ride with?" Then it dawned on me, I have to buy two bikes, one for me and one for my wife, I left the cart and went back into the HeyBike Amazon store, knowing my wife would not like the big beefy Explore bike that I had in my cart I checked out their other models, I had a couple in mind from my earlier research and then I landed on it, the Cityscape, it had my wives name all or it, it has the beach cruiser vibes, it's cute, I can add a seat for our 3 year old, then to top it off, almost like Heybike was listening to my thoughts, I scrolled up to confirm the price and sure enough it was on sale, just started because earlier in the day it was a couple hundred more, I knew it was the one, so from my home office I yelled for my wife to "come here, quickly", she came down, "is everything ok!!" she says with a little panic in her voice, I reply, "ya wanna get an E-Bike so we can ride together?" and after she looked at it, our minds were made up. I added it to the cart. A week later I get an alert on my phone, I check my cameras and there's the UPS dude unloading our bikes. Now assembly, it wasn't difficult but it also wasn't easy for me, but mind you assembling bikes isn't something I am familiar with, I tried reading the directions and they helped but I ended up watching a couple youtube videos and that was the trick, after that it went well. Now I am writing this review after having the summer to ride my bike and I am so beyond happy with my purchase, I forgot how much fun riding a bike is, but riding an E-Bike is an experience like no other, my bike is fast, it handles well, it's just a lot of fun. Over the summer I added a phone mount, and a new seat, the HeyBike seat isn't bad but it was not my favorite, I ended up buying a slightly larger one, I also added a rearview camera on my bike, because why not!? My wife loves her Cityscape and our 3-year-old just chills and enjoys the ride, our boy who is 9 pushing 10 rides his bike, and we are researching folding E-Bikes now to see if we can find one small enough that he can ride next summer, because him not having that motor we are unable to take our longer rides, so stay tuned for that review. Now the negatives. I only have a few, one of them being the brakes, they make a lot of noise, and being that my bike does almost 30 MPH they do not provide the stopping power one would expect, some replacement brakes are on the list for next summer, (I noticed the new arrivals in the HeyBike Store and they upgraded the brakes, so I assume they are aware). Second negative the screen, and I assume most E-Bikes have similar screens, but trying to change the options requires a degree, it really needs to be simplified (again new arrivals in the HeyBike Store have app controlled settings, so again I assume they are aware). My last negative is not really a negative because I was aware before hitting the checkout button and that is the size, I wanted a big bike, I am a big guy but until you get the bike you can not comprehend how big they actually are, trying to load this bike into my truck was impossible, I had to buy a ramp, and one of those tailgate protectors so the front wheel can hang over, but I would still buy it again if I knew that beforehand (well I did but you know what I mean), because the size is what makes it awesome. If you made it this far into this novel of a review then I am assuming you are like me and doing a lot of research before hitting that checkout button, I am speaking to you directly now, just do it, it's worth it, you will have no regrets.

  • kat t

    It took my hubby about an hour to put together. Came with instructions. I am 70. I jumped on and road carefully.. Very easy to shift gears and go to assist.. I love it!!! The baskets are heavy duty.. and heavy!! They were shipped seperately.Only thing I was not notified about bike delivery and it was left by my gate. Luckily I was ordering something else and saw it said delivered…..

  • Dee

    *Update 10/21/2023 - More good customer service to report! One of our ebike batteries stopped charging. Contacted seller, they were quick to respond with a suggestion, but when the fix didn't work they sent us a new battery right away. Very pleased with customer service.Original review:Ordered the TWO Cityscape ebike option ... black and white. We also opted for the 2 back racks. Black bike arrived from New Jersey. White bike arrived from California a week later. Although we are happy with the purchase and the customer service, there are a few things to know before you order. These two bikes are different from eachother. I'm guessing it's because they are closeout models that are no longer being manufactured and they send you what they have. I can only guess we got two different model years?BLACK BIKE is larger, came with brown shock absorbing seat, brown grips, a thumb push button throttle, a color display controller, no-quick release on the front tire, the handlebar tilt can be adjusted and it has a nice thick kickstand. My husband is 5' 9" and finds it comfortable.WHITE BIKE is a bit smaller with a shorter length frame and you notice this right away when you turn the front tire and the front of your foot hits the fender when peddling. It came with a black seat (no shock), black grips and nice palm rest, a twist throttle, a bright black and white display controller, the handlebars can not be adjusted for tilt, the front tire has a quick release and it came with a cheap kick stand. I am 5' 2" and it works, but if I were taller it might not be as comfortable.Once we had the bikes put together we tested them out and contacted the seller to upgrade the white bike in two ways (the seat and kickstand.) The seller sent us another brown shock absorbing saddle and thicker kickstand at no charge which was nice.Overall, the bikes ride well, charge well, and are very comfortable. Also, they are beautifully designed and are very solid. Nothing about them feels cheap.Because the bikes have different control systems, we are going to need to take time to adjust the mph speeds on the different modes so my husband and I can ride beside eachother and not constantly slow down and speed up to stay in sync. The two control systems are very different.The back bike baskets are "heavy" which is great if you're wanting something durable. We opted to put a basket on my bike only and share it for now.If you get the two bike option and they are not the same, we suggest you "mark" the correct battery, bike, and charger for each bike so they aren't mixed up. We found it didn't charge if you put it on the opposite charger for some reason.We are happy with purchase and have already put lots of miles on these bikes. If you're looking for a couple of entry level ebikes and don't mind that you may get two bikes that are not identical, then we recommend.

  • Sarah

    Overall pros: Great e-bike for the price point, beginners, casual riding, mostly flat areas.Cons: Needs improvement on assembly. Very heavy. Uphill rides will VERY quickly kill the battery. Still need to put in lots of effort for any level of uphill riding, even with maximum level of assist.Unboxing/assembly:Bikes arrived quickly, somewhat well packaged in one large box. These bikes are VERY heavy, I absolutely needed help lifting them out of the box and most people will need assistance lifting them onto a bike rack.Assembly didn’t require a ton of steps but was a bit of a headache. The instructions are vague and some pieces that came pre-assembled were done so incorrectly (the handlebar post was not tightening on one bike- it turned out a piece in the bottom has been installed upside in factory). Luckily customer service is responsive and able to provide troubleshooting.One bike came with several scratches on the post and a broken headlight. Batteries work fine so far and can be easily removed to charge or to be quickly replaced with a second battery if you have one.Comfort: Bikes are step through which makes it easy to get on and off and are pretty comfortable for both me (5’6 female) and my partner (6’ male). Important to note that they recently changed the bike seat and handles and is different than the brown seat/handles that you see in most reviews. We were surprised to receive a black seat with NO shock absorber and black rubber handle bars. We reached out to customer service and we’re able to get the original parts sent to us. In my opinion this is a big downgrade, the brown seat we received is significantly more comfortable and a big difference with a shock absorber on the seat.Ride/battery life:The bike has levels 0-3 for assistance. It is pedal assist but also has a throttle on the right handle to use when needed- it does take a bit of getting used to it automatically taking off when you start pedaling. Even at level 3 it is not extremely powerful. If you are going uphill you will still definitely need to put in some work. If you are looking for an e-bike that can handle a ride without much pedaling/effort- this would not be your choice! For me, it’s just enough of a workout while still feeling like a leisurely ride.Battery life is decent and pretty much as advertised or maybe a bit less. There is one very very short steep incline I take on my riding trail which never fails to kill one whole battery bar. Our typical ride is about 5-6 miles of maybe 80-90% flat or only slightly inclined riding, with constant assist on and we usually have less than half of the battery left. If you are going consistently uphill I imagine the battery life will be very short. I also carry a toddler trailer attached to my bike which of course adds more weight to the load.The tires work well for our paved greenways and short spurts of gravel, leaves, sticks, etc we may ride over. Not off road enough for mountain biking or anything a bit more extreme.We opted for the saddle bags with our bikes which are so useful! I’m able to carry water bottles, diaper bag, tools/first aid kit, and a small lunch box (again, we ride with a toddler lol, always need a million things).We are not avid cyclers but do enjoy our daily rides through the local NC greenways or on beach vacations to get around town. One day we may opt for a pricier option with more battery power but for now these are perfect.

  • Juniper D

    I've used this bike for the last five months as my daily commuter to and from work. I'm 5'11 (1.8m) and found it very comfortable to ride on. As noted by many others, instructions for Heybike are very hit-and-miss, and I did have to consult outside sources to put the bike together.The 5 stars still happen for me because, for the price I paid, this bike is incredibly durable. Most of the issues I've had have been quick tighten bolts, while riding it over some very rough roads, straight into potholes, and over trails. I do recommend that if you are transitioning from an acoustic to an electric bike, be aware they require more maintenance purely because of the increased speed and corresponding increased strain on the bike.The battery is still achieving pretty much the same as it did when I bought it, but be aware that a cold of below 40 degrees will result in reduced battery life. The tires are very durable - driven over glass and they didn't flinch kind of durable (knocks on wood). The brakes are very quick, but just like I mentioned above, expect more maintenance for an electric.

  • Earl Stahler

    I was surprised at all the standard equjpment for very low price.

  • Amazon Customer

    We couldn't be more pleased with our Heybike Cityscape. It was bought for my wife who, at 82 years of age, had begun to struggle a bit pedaling up hills, even in low gear. The idea was that some pedal assistance might make it possible for her to continue to ride for some years to come. And, after just a short time of using the Cityscape, that hope seems to have been fulfilled in spades. Here's more information:1. Delivery and Assembly: The bike arrived within three days of ordering, and the FedEx driver was kind enough to deliver it right to our garage. The box was unscathed from the shipping activity, and we found the bike inside to be in perfect condition. (I noted the temporary spacer bolt on the front fork to prevent shipping damage of the fork -- what a great idea!) The bike comes with a short, illustrated assembly manual, and, following the simple, well-described steps, I was able to assemble the bike quickly and without any confusion. It was one of the easiest assembly operations I've encountered, thanks to Heybike's having already completed the more complicated tasks. It's basically: install the front wheel, affix the front fender and headlight, insert the handlebars, insert the seat, and screw in the pedals -- and you are ready to go (after inflating the deflated tires, of course.). I did put the battery on the charger but it was fully charged within a half-hour.2. Riding: At first we gave it a "no-assist" test ride (while the battery was on the charger). We found that we could adjust the seat and handlebars so they were a perfect "fit" for my 5'2" tall wife, and, with the very low step-over (one of the reasons we had selected the Cityscape), it was easy to mount and to get rolling. In "no-assist" mode, the bike rolls as easily as any non-electric bike. In fact, it coasted downhill at a faster clip than my own pedal-only bike; I had to pedal to keep up!. With the battery installed, we found we got exactly what we were wanting by pedaling in "no-assist" mode on gentle terrain (still getting some exercise), and then clicking to assist level #1 for the hills. The motor kicks in gently and, viola!, the hill "disappears"!. Clicking back to "0" at the top of the hill is also a smooth transition back to pedaling.3. Customer Support: Our first question was that the saddle bags that were a part of the order did not come with the bike. I asked customer support about that and was informed that they were shipped separately. Indeed, they arrived three days later. The second question was about reading the LCD screen that controls the functions of the motor and has the odometer, etc. on it. While it is quite readable in the garage, outside in the sun, the screen fades and becomes unreadable unless you shade the screen with your hand -- not advisable when riding, of course. I relayed this issue to Customer Support and they quickly responded with the suggestion that perhaps a different version of the screen would be better -- and they offered to send that as a replacement free of charge, along with installation instructions. (We only just had that conversation, and the new screen is on its way.) I find the Customer Support people, (Bella helped me) to be very responsive, interested in solving my issues, and generous in their solutions. It is a joy to find such helpful customer support people anywhere these days, and I give a shout out to Bella and the Heybike team!On a final note: My wife is able now to bike as if she were in her 20s, and I am having trouble keeping up with her, being the same age as she is. I may have to get myself a Heybike, just to keep up!

  • d congle

    My friend opened the damaged boxes, and thank God the bike had not been damaged.It's a beautiful bike, and I csntcwair to ride it.He said, their were a few areas in the instructions that was a little hard to understand, but overall it took 2 hours by himself to assemble it.I really appreciate the company’s patience and quick response, with initially me wanting to return the damaged boxes. The gentle gets 5 stars from me.

  • alex hale

    Im impressed with the package I just have a few gripes.The motor controller and electronics are located down low by the pedals, this is a strange place to put electronics given it is a bike with wheels that might encounter some water so don't push your luck with water crossings. As shipped you can't turn off pedal assist and just use the throttle you can either have both or none, that was ridiculous I said to myself and proceeded to disconnect the PAS sensor from the controller, you need to flip the bike over and take the two screws out of the bottom plate that hides the controller, the PAS sensor just unplugs and can be plugged back in if you desire. This enabled the bike to be throttle only. Keep in mind you might lose some features but my speedo seemed to still work fine. The manufacturer told me not to disconnect the PAS sensor as it will cause the bike to quote "fail" without going into detail so do that at your own risk. as a 160lb man, it scooted me along 19-20 mph which was surprising given it has a small motor on it, I drive it like a motorcycle, shift gears give it some gas, shift the next gear, give it some gas while pedaling of course so this gradually applies torque to the motor on the way up to top speed. That is a more gentle and efficient way to ride it than going full balls from a stop. For around $600 I think its a fair price for the package if the battery and motor hold up. The frame looks well welded and painted, its definitely a handsome bike and looks more expensive than it is.

  • Amazon Customer

    I bought the Heybike Cityscape for my wife and when we first got the bike we had an intermittent problem with the controller. The throttle and pedal assist did not work every time we tried it. Heybike support service was outstanding assisting us in getting a resolution to this problem. We worked through Rachael in customer service and she was excellent in sticking with us to make sure we were completely satisfied. I highly recommend this company they are very responsive to the customers needs. We love our bike!