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NAKTO Electric Bike for Adult Electric Bicycle 22MPH 45 Miles City Commuter Ebike Step Thru Ebikes High Brushless Gear Motor Shimano 6-Speed Gear Electric Cruiser Bike with Basket for Female Male

$ 399.99 $279.99
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About this item

【Outstanding Performance】 Equipped with a 250W brushless motor and 36V 10.4Ah lithium battery, this electric bike has a maximum speed of 15.5 MPH and a range of 18-23 miles per charge. The battery can be quickly removed for charging, making it convenient to carry indoors or store away.
【Outstanding Safety System】The eBike features a 1-speed gear change, making it easy to switch between speeds while riding. It also has a front V-brake and a rear expansion brake for added safety.
【Excellent Riding Experience】The bicycle has a 22-inch steel frame and a foldable design, making it easy to store and transport. It also comes with a headlight, taillight, and bell for added safety when riding in low-light conditions.
【Lightweight and Portable】The bicycle frame is made of high-strength carbon steel, and the whole vehicle is light in weight, making it easy to carry.
【RREADY TO GO】The bike comes 85% assembled, and assembly is simple and easy. The package includes a user manual and all necessary tools for assembly. Once assembled, the bike has a weight of 55.1 pounds.

bike_type‎Electric Bike
wheel_size‎22 Inches
manufacturer‎Zhejiang Naijiate Tecnology Co.,Ltd
customer_reviews4.1 4.1 out of 5 stars 979 ratings 4.1 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank#213,307 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors) #527 in Adult Electric Bicycles
included_components‎Bell, Tool Kit
date_first_availableNovember 9, 2023

  • Jessica

    Let me start by saying I LOVE THIS BIKE! The motor is a great assist, no longer have to worry about hills or going too far & not being able to get back. For someone not in the greatest shape or with an injury this bike takes the worry out of it & allows you to have fun on a bike again! The bike feels solid & stable. If you watch the assembly video on amazon or youtube, it is pretty easy. The directions that come with the bike make assembly difficult, but the video will sort you out. There are some adjustments that I had to make during assembly. I needed something like Loctite or JB weld to make the light stay on. The bolts wobble loose with riding and the light falls over, rattling on the fender. Also, I had to take the bike to a shop to have to front brakes set right, I couldn't get them right & they squeaked badly. They still squeak so I will have to take it somewhere else to have them set at the right angle (the 1st shop I went to doesn't like e-bikes, rude).The seat seemed comfy at first but after a few rides I decided to order a replacement from the Nakto website directly, that should be here in a few weeks. I do prefer this frame style of bike, it's better on my back (injury) and I can ride for a very long time without being uncomfortable. TAKE CARE to read & follow the battery instructions. I have followed it strictly & have had great battery performance. I may order a 2nd battery later to extend my range, we'll see how she holds up.I have gotten up some really steep hills in my neighborhood. On the really big hills I still had to work hard, but with the gear system and the motor you don't have to kill yourself going up hills. On flat ground I got up to about 20MPH! Going down that same rather steep hill, 30MPH! Wear a helmet, seriously, that is freakin' fast on a bike y'all.The bike is rather heavy, especially with the battery in. I originally had a standard style bike rack where the bike hangs from the top of the frome. I had to get an adapter bar to allow a space large enough for it to fit. However, it was too heavy for me to lift and I felt uncomfortable with the weight of the bike hanging, essentially from the seat (the way the bar attaches to the bike) the whole way down the road. Decided to replace the rack for one that the bike rests on top of & is secured by the tires and frame. More stability & I don't have to lift the bike as high to get it mounted on the rack. I have to say though, the weight of the bike feels nice while riding, it feels stable & sound. The heavy frame seems to be the trade-off for having quality internals at this price. Feels worth it to me. You get the same motor (beofang) & battery cells (panasonic) that the more expensive bikes use (I checked).The company. At first I was very concerned because the bike did not ship in time, but the seller contacted & let me know they had hit delays. I ordered during the 2020 pandemic, the entire world is having delays, totally understandable. It took longer than I expected, but the bike did arrive. The basket was missing, but the seller said they would send it asap & they did, it's here. No other pieces were missing. I have ordered a replacement seat directly from the website, as I said above, but that was very recently so it hasn't shipped yet. The company is based in California but their stock comes from China. If you order during the pandemic, be patient it will come.Summary; This bike is very worth the value! For the price you get the same motor & battery cells that the more expensive bikes use (I checked). Those are really the parts that matter in an E-bike. The motor is a great assist on hills & allows you to cruise on flat ground, but you can still get a work out if you want one. It's fun to have a mix of both. Overall I'm very very happy with this purchase and have already recommended friends & family check them out. Thank you Nakto!!!

  • 267

    I bought this bike back in 2019 and have had this bike for about a year now. I have been using it on a daily basis (rain and shine) to commute to work and home. Overall, both the product quality and customer service desire 5 stars.First is the product quality. The fully charged battery was enough for me to get to and back from work, which totals to about 12 miles a day. The acceleration is there because I had no problem going up the hills in the hilly PA. Although I never tried 60 mph, the bike was able to constantly give me the 8 - 14 mph for my needs. Moreover, the break system had worked well as I have not had any accident or ticket. Due to my daily usages, I did have to replace a set of tires and break pads. However, these parts were cheap on Amazon and the design of the product was very easy for me to replace the parts. Other than that, I did not have to replace any part of the bike.Second is the customer service. Half year through the purchase, I did encounter a situation where the battery was not charging. I think there was a power surge and popped the fuse. I contacted the customer service via email and the people over there were very nice and friendly. After just couple emails, customer service people was able to identify the problem and send me a replacement battery with no charges.Lastly, for those looking to save some money, I can do some math for my case. It caused me $738 to own and use this bike ($700 for the bike, $8 for break replacement, $10 for tire replacement, and roughly $20 for electricity). If I was to purchase SEPTA monthly pass, I would pay $1,152 ($96 x 12) for the entire year. Therefore, if the bike drops dead today, I would already saved over $400. Of course, I am confident this product will last many years to come and save me more money.Overall, I would recommend this budget-friendly bike with excellent quality and customer service.

  • Megan S.

    Edit (03/09/21): been riding this bike all year and I have to say, it's amazing! It's opened up my world completely during this pandemic, and I can finally go riding with my boys for hours and hours and hours without tuckering out myself. I wish I could give half stars; I'd give this 4.5. I'd give it a 5, except for the difficulty of not having all the parts done correctly and not having written instructions that went along with it. 😂 The bike rides well. The tires tend to go flat but I am working on a fix for that, and suspect a lot of it has to do with temperature shifts. It holds a charge over multiple many-mile trips very well. I've only had to charge it twice and I've ridden it almost every other day since my initial review. All in all, I am satisfied with my purchase. I don't know if I'd recommend it, necessarily, but it works for my price point. If I'd had more money, I would probably have gotten a Rad or something like that, but this worked for me. Not a bad deal!I have wanted this bike for literally three years, and was overjoyed to finally be able to afford to bring it home for Christmas! When it arrived, the package looked as of it had been opened and then shut again, which I didn't think was too odd, considering what 2020 has been like so far. Even with that (ignored) red flag, I was still excited to finally have my dream bike. ....And then I tried to put it together.The bike seemed as if it had been put together wrong at the factory! The wires didn't pass through the right places in the handle section (which I was able to "fix" with the strategic deployment of some zip ties) and the kick stand is entirely different from the one shown in the picture. The picture (and video) both show a two-sides kick stand that raises the bike's rear wheel off rhe ground, but I received a regular one-pole kick stand that leans the bike to one side. It isn't very secure, and made putting the rest of the bike together an adventure in physics that I won't soon forget. I also received a headlight different from the one pictured, which lacked any sort of latch or housing as shown in the video, although I was able to figure out how to attach it to the frame usefully.To sum up my biggest problem with this bike so far: to my untrained eye, it looks like someone has cannibalize pieces from other bikes to Frankenstein this bike together! Things fit strangely, if they fit at all, and the video didn't provide solutions for how to make the necessary adjustments aside from saying, "Simply tighten the screw." This left me sat for almost half an hour, trying to figure out how to tighten the brake so that there was an appropriate finger space with a set of tools that didn't work and no bike experience whatsoever. Frustrating.I also didn't recieve the "right" tools for the job. The screws on the bike were over-tightened Philips head screws and I only had a flat head screwdriver from the kit that was too small to fit into the Philip head slot properly. The tools I did recieve that worked, worked fine, but I also received an extra Allen wrench in a size that didn't work anywhere in the bike that I could see, a too-small wrench for wheel bolts that was too large for the smaller bolts, and the aforementioned useless screwdriver.No instruction manual was included and the screws to attach the basket supports and fenders were tightened so securely that it took banging on (my own) wrench with a hammer for about ten minutes to loosen them. It felt to me as if whoever put the bike back together again had no idea what they were doing, found several screws with no purpose, and tightened them to be sure they wouldn't be lost!I haven't ridden it yet and will come back to change my review based on my ride experience, but so far I have very low expectations. Considering how long I've wanted this bike, it was a huge anti-climax to recieve it and immediately have this much trouble with it.Having said all that, I am still looking forward to riding it. I was disappointed because it didn't come with the helmet or lock pictured, but this was my error: the description of the item clearly states that all you get is the bike and associated tools. I should have read more closely before ordering! 😂Tldr: Using my own tools allowed me to construct this bike in the closest approximation to "finished" that I could get. Bike was poorly constructed at the factory, with wires not passing through appropriate places in the handlebar setup. Missing pictured items (kickstand) and received extra tools. Would not suggest as a purchase for someone who isn't used to making bike adjustments on their own, or a beginner such as myself. Fine tuning will be needed.

  • IndySwimDad

    I wwas planning on using this bike to get around DC to my job and to classes. However the first bike I received had several issues with assembly - very vague and poor instructions, and the tools provided for assembly didn’t work to actually unscrew certain bolts in order to attach accessories (basket, front fender, headlight). My front brake was also not engaging. After several days of rather short and barely helpful communication with customer support (that I had to find via their website), they sent me a second bike, and I had to buy a $35 socket set in order to properly assemble it. After that I had both of my tires randomly go flat only for a local bike shop to find a leak in the inner tube of the tire. And just recently my back breaks lost tension and stopped working, and right after the peddle assist and throttle were not working despite the bike having a full battery. I still have the first bike because of separate troubles trying to just return it, and I also got a message from customer support borderline accusing me of not being honest and trustworthy because I was struggling to return it. This bike has been nothing but a headache since the start, made even worse with terrible customer support. Do not purchase this bike. You will regret it.

  • Gary Withers

    I bought this Nakto cargo electric bike for my wife who is taller than average and has limited range of motion in her knees. It fits great so she can pedal as much or a little as she wants. We've already taken it on some longer bike rides, and it is wonderful for going up hills and for accelerating quickly from a stop without having to shift through all the gears. She pedals to get the exercise she wants, and then uses the motor when she needs to take a break. It's very hard to find a bike that is this well built for this price. You would have to pay twice as much to get something better. Four women in our neighborhood own this exact model, and others are considering buying one after trying it out.If you have some experience with bikes you can assemble and adjust it easily yourself. It is a little bit tricky in parts, but we had the benefit of being able to look at an already assembled one. Interestingly, it took longer to put the bike light, basket, and front fender on than anything else. The brakes needed a little fine tuning, too, but the whole assembly process took less than an hour.

  • ERb

    I bought this e-bike almost 3 years ago (will be 3 years in July), I use it every day and I still love it. Assembly was not very complicated, I remember looking at the assembly videos available here. Although it is a heavy bike, it checked all my marks: good price (at the time it was $900 usd, which was “cheap” for an e-bike), it had a throttle to control speed and also a button to be always on pedal assist, and it had good reviews. I adapted a collapsible basket to the back to bring my dog, groceries or backpack. Overall I’m still happy with this bike. Here are my top pros and cons:Pros:- good battery life, still after 3 years.- good price if you are on a budget- Battery works well under cold weather and stands rain and snow conditions.- option to use a throttle or constant pedal assist. This is important since other models of this brand do not come with the throttle anymore.CONS:- I have had to replace every single screw and bolt. They all started falling while riding, but I was able to get them replaced at my local bike shop.-this bike is super heavy, which at the beginning is uncomfortable until too get used to the bike. Still I understand this can be an issue for some people.- the brakes come the other way around, something common in Europe but not in the US. This is not an actual con, but if you choose to have them switched at your local bike shop it can be expensive.- some of the materials are cheap, I am seeing some rust on some of the bike frame. However I use this bike in any weather condition so I have left it outside on the rain and snow, so this could be consider normal.I hope this review is helpful for other people looking into getting their first e-bike.

  • Uyoiu

    The bike handles well and rides excellently. The assembly on the other hand is awful. They overtighten the screws to the point you can't get them off. It's absurd.

  • Christopher A. Fraas

    Bought this a couple of years ago, with a bike lock and helmet, and all are wonderful, but due to a major health issue I can no longer ride the bike, and need to sell it. You see here how much just the bike is, I have only ridden it once, so am fine with the price listed on Amazon, and I'll through in the helmet and lock (chain). Due to its size and weight, I am afraid that shipping would be far too expensive for both of us, so would prefer someone local buy this. Contact me through Amazon by replying to this review with your contact email, and we can go over the details.

  • Venus Y

    This bike is PERFECT for a commuter like me- thank you for a quality product. I had it delivered to my bike shop and they put it together for me. A must buy!

  • Justine Driscoll

    We couldn’t get a screw loose to attach the headlight and had to take it to a bike shop to get the partOff. That cost $. We got it home, charged for 24 hours and can’t get it to start. I think it’s a fuse but the piece to get the screw out is in an impossible spot to loosen. My daughter got it for Christmas, it’s Jan. 3 and we still haven’t been able to ride the dang thing. Customer service is an answering machine. 😑It is a super good looking bike, which makes it all the more frustrating.