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Speedrid Electric Bike 26" x 4" Fat Tire Electric Bike for Adult 3H Fast Charge, 25mph Electric Snow Bike with 500W 48V Removable Lithium-Ion Battery, Lockable Suspension Fork-7 Speed

$ 455.99 $319.19
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About this item

🚴 【500W (750W PEAK) POWERFULL MOTOR】Speedrid electric bike equipped with high speed brushless motor, provides more power to your daily commute, a cruise on the mountain. Top speeds up 25MPH affected by weight, wind resistance, and Other Factors, it will get you there swiftly.
🚴 【500WH LARGER CAPACITY FAST CHARGE BATTERY】Range up to 50 miles per charge with 48V 10.4Ah battery, only costs you 3-4 hrs by fast charging. You can charge on the bike or removing the battery for charging. No worry for being stolen.
🚴 【UPGRADED LCD DISPLAY】Speed, Battery Level, Mileage, Riding modes, Error Report. The smart LCD display looks cool and read your statistics easily.
🚴 【PREMIUM CONFIGURATION】Speedrid Ebike features double layer aluminum alloy wheel rim. Lockable high-strength carbon steel front fork shock absorption. Mechanical front and rear disc-brake design and 7-speed professional transmission system.
🚴 【CONQUER ANY TERRAIN WITH EASE】Speedrid fat tire ebike with 4-inch wide puncture-resistant tires, making it easy to navigate through various terrains such as beaches, snow, gravel, rain, mud, sand, and even ice. Enjoy the ultimate electric bike adventure with ease.
🚴 【WARRANTY: One-Year For Any Parts!】
🚴 【Assembly】Speedrid electric Bike is 90% pre-assembled and you only need to finish the assembly of main parts. we also have the assembly video for you on the product page.

color‎Black and Blue
style‎Black and Blue
voltage‎48 Volts
material‎Aluminum alloy
bike_type‎Electric Bike
wheel_size‎26 Inches
item_weight‎62 Pounds
manufacturer‎Shenzhen Vanpowers Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
package_weight‎62 Pounds
special_feature‎fat tire, Aluminum Frame, Electric, mountain bike
customer_reviews4.4 4.4 out of 5 stars 328 ratings 4.4 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank#247,412 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors) #636 in Adult Electric Bicycles
included_components‎Mudguard, E Bike Accessory Kit, Bell
date_first_availableJuly 15, 2020
warranty_description‎2 year manufacturer
maximum_weight_recommendation‎265 Pounds
lithium_battery_energy_content‎720 Watt Hours
item_package_dimensions_l_x_w_x_h‎67 x 29 x 11 inches

  • Michael Ramirez

    I took a chance purchasing this bike, saw several venders selling the same bike with different brand names so was a little hesitant. This will be an initial review. The set up was easy, you just need to install the handle bars, front tire, front fender, seat and front rack if you choose to add it, I left it out for now. It comes with all the necessary tools. You also have to install front and rear reflectors, a bell and front headlight. I was initially going to purchase a $1,800 e-bike but there is not a huge difference in features and performance versus this one. The only thing I can think of is long term usage and how it holds up versus the more expensive bikes. The plus is most of the components can easily be replaced with parts you can find locally, tire size, seat, and you can probably get parts on ebay for less. Looks just like the pictures, everything that it shows comes with the bike. Took it for an initial 1 mile test drive, pedal assist works good, you have to set the pedal assist to use the throttle. Didn't measure speed but it's fast, at least the 20mph it states. I purchased it to have as a vehicle back up, I live 3 miles from work and everything else is within 5 miles. Gas and car shortages made me think about an alternative method of transportation, not much public transportation where I live. Will try to update on actual speed and range later. No regrets buying it, looks and feels like a solid bike. With care it should last a while. Just wish I knew where to get a spare battery. Thanks. 7/10/21 quick update, rode it today for 12.7 miles, top speed with throttle 20.25 mph. I used it on pedal assist 2 all the way, used it to get me going then used throttle most of the way. At the end of my run I was showing 3 bars, but when I used full throttle at the end it dropped to 2 bars then back up to 3 after slowing down. I feel confident it will get me 20 mile easy with moderate throttle and some pedal assist. I probably won't update again unless I have any major issues. I feel good about this purchase and feel it will come in handy to use as an alternative method of transportation. Update, 7/27/21. I purchased an extra battery from ebay, Reention makes compatible batteries. Just make sure the voltage and size dimensions match. The bike is still running great, I drive within 10 miles with mostly moderate throttle and at most use half of the battery. So far so good. Thank you.

  • Cjmonkey

    I was watching several ebikes I was wishing to buy. When I came across this one. It has a great price much to my happiness the price went down a couple more times making me a happy camper. It comes almost completely put together what was left was easy enough and I have no bike experience. I bought a comfortable extra seat however the one that comes on the bike is identical to the extra one I no longer needed. The battery has been charged only once this far and it still has two or three bars left. It says it goes above 20 mph but I think you just go in and do something to the computer screen. It wants to go faster you can fell it but with no pedal assist it stays right at 20 to 21 mph which is accurate because when I passed the car thingy that tells you how fast you're going same read on both. Very easy to just hop on away you go I haven't had one problem with it. The quality is great especially for the price. I bought a sondors when they first came out but someone felt they needed it more then I did. The sondors was a light weight 30lbs regular tires. This one is heavier but manageable I also choose a fat tire model I didn't like when tires would get caught on my old bike. All around great bike no complaints very happy this far.

  • Carlos

    It’s definitely worth the money i have back issues and ride this with ease it’s super comfortable the battery life is good as well I use it daily and I ride back and forth to work the only issue I’ve had is the grips there uncomfortable so I got aftermarket grips but other then that everything is as advertised on the bike. With the battery though you do have to lock it on the bike if you plan to go on a bumpy ride because the battery can pop off. I have also noticed that if you have a certain amount of weight it slows down on purpose and you can’t go over 19mph. It rides in the rain really good and the snow as well the light it comes with is really bright the led screen it self is really easy to use. It has 7 gears


    This bike did have some silly issues. The light and bell were real cheap junk. The seat is maybe for someone lighter weight than me. I replaced it. The front rack is awkward because the handle bars have no adjustment, they hang directly over the rack limiting what you can put in it. I just left it off. It has plenty of power and accommodated my 230 lbs easily. It has great tires and mechanical function and is worth the money.

  • William Hanson

    Parking at my university is neither close nor cheap, so ebike is a great alternative. Handles well going up hills and in cold weather.Company is also very helpful with assembly instructions and replacement parts.

  • jimmxg

    Wanted to love this bike so much, it has a lot going for it.Strong battery, good distance, the battery doesn't stand out, making the bike look more like a normal mountain bike than other e bikes on the market.Cruises at a good clip, 20 mph (27-30 kph ish) without petal assist.The brakes though... The bike was shipped without the front disk brakes.Heartbreak on my triumphant purchase. I took the bike to the local bike shop just to make sure what I was seeing was accurate, and they confirmed what I hoped was ignorant confusion (though, the rest of the bike was in great condition).Pessimistically optimistic I reported the issue to the manufacturer with good communication back. Unfortunately, a month later and 17 email responses back and forth with no resolution I bought disk brakes for $40 (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TW7H3GX?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share) and was able to install them within about an hour. They work great.I love this bike despite the the manufacturer, it's equivalent would be about twice the cost where I live. It's fast, easy to assemble, and now stops on a dime. I wish the 350w was 1000w, but you do get what you pay for.Update:. The company sent replacement brakes, they worked great. Sadly the bike was stolen from the garage, we replaced it with two more from the same company.... Absolutely no issues, the bikes are great. That's three now we've purchased, one with an issue the company owned up too and totally took care of, another two that were just... Pretty great.If your on the fence, this is a great buy for the money and a good company to do business with! Thanks!

  • Kelly

    Product came in damaged, submitted photos of missing parts and damage to bike and never got a response or the missing pieces. I even suggested that they send a paint pen so I could attempt to fix the scrapped/missing paint. They should of sent me a new wheel or a paint pen. Battery charge doesn’t last in between rides. Pretty sure the battery is defective. I gave a 3 star and not a 1 star because overall the bike is nice. For the $ it shouldn’t of came in damaged.

  • Kindle Customer

    Rate it at 5 overall. It aligns well with my expectations. I have a nice mid drive bike as well so I have something to compare it to. Since it uses a cadence sensor, as most hub motor bikes do, the start and stop is slightly jerky if cruising along under 8 mph even on level 1 assist. There is about a half to 1 second delay on the motor after you start pedaling. On steeper grades and faster paces you don't really feel the kick of the motor. The front fork is very bad, simple spring fork design that is pretty jerky. Might be better with a rigid fork. Tried on a rock bumpy trail and was ok. It comes with a nice handle throttle which allows you to cruise at max power without pedaling. The throttle is a true throttle so it provides smooth graduated power as you engage the throttle. This is nice as other designs are a simple on/off which can be quite jerky. The fenders are mostly worthless and a bit sketchy. They are too flimsy and can easily bump the tire if you hit a bump or come off a curb. The breaks work well and are smooth once you get the caliper aligned. The headlight is ok, but not too bright. The seat is pretty comfy and come with a tooless height adjust clamp for the seat post. I found the gearing sufficient and shifting smooth. The ergonomics of the shifter sucks though, but may be usable after some adjustment. It is hard to maintain grip on the handle and down shift. Up shifting is good though. The system is definitely not water proof but it is ok for lightly muddy trails. Would hesitate going though puddles. The hub motor is sealed of course but the drive controller is pretty open. Could probably seal up most of it with a bit of expanding foam, but this is expected. This is one of the few fat ebikes I found under 60 lbs which was important since my bike vehicle mount won't support over 60 lbs per bike. Most of these fat ebikes are over 70 lbs. Happy with the purchase and would recommend to others.

  • Josh

    So far without riding yet it feels like I won’t need to worry about flats, I’m 280 5’6 and compared to my 26” normal tire these don’t even go down even when I sit and I can put feet down while sitting, it took 45min to build it took longer to take it out of box. Tip if you put pedal assist to “0” (“-“ all the way till no bar is on) it will ride without pedaling.

  • Spellboy

    I got this bike as a birthday gift and it is a perfect gift. The bike is great for anyone who is a casual rider or anyone who is new to riding. Everything is solid for the price. easy assemble and easy riding as well. Not too heavy too. Very much happy with it.