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Suburban 750W Electric Bike for Adults 26'' * 4.0 All Terrain Tire Electric Mountain Bikes 48V 15AH BMS Removable Lithium Battery Electric Bicycle Shimano 7-Speed Electric Bike, Standard

$ 463.20 $324.24
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About this item

ใ€750W Powerful Motorใ€‘ Mukkpet Suburban 750W adult electric bike is equipped with a 750W high speed brushless motor. It allows the ebike to meet any rider's needs. The powerful motor enables speeds of up to 25MPH. Whether road, grass, sand or mountain, Suburban can conquer all terrains and is one of your best essential travel choices.
ใ€High Performance Batteryใ€‘High-capacity 48V 15AH battery provides the mountain ebike with long range up to 45+ miles per charge (PAS 1). In addition to the range, we also guarantee the safety of the battery, which is protected by Mukkpet's exclusive BMS technology, making it much more stable and safe. In addition, the key will firmly lock the battery to the frame, do not worry about it easily dropped or being stolen.
ใ€Large 26โ€™โ€™ Wheelใ€‘26โ€ fat tire increase the contact area with the ground to make smooth and stable riding and provide you a better travel experience. At the same time, Suburban 750w electric bike is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, offering more accurate and smooth gear changes. The ability to quickly change gears to suit the rider's riding mode in the face of varying terrain.
ใ€Upgrade Rear Rack and Lightใ€‘The rear rack has been upgraded from the original rack of the mountain ebike. The upgraded rack is stronger and more practical. And the rear rack to fit the Mukkpet basket perfectly. This makes it possible to meet a wide range of daily needs, such as delivery, shopping, transport etc.. We have also designed a rear tail light for the ebike. The addition of a rear tail light increases the safety of riding at night.
ใ€5 Working Modesใ€‘ 5 Working Modes including the pedal assist mode, throttle mode, ordinary bicycle mode, cruise control mode, and walk mode. Walk mode allows you to easily push the ebike while you're walking, especially if you're loading heavy items.

voltageโ€Ž48 Volts
wattageโ€Ž750 watts
bike_typeโ€ŽElectric Bike
model_nameโ€ŽMukkpet Suburban
wheel_sizeโ€Ž26 Inches
wheel_widthโ€Ž4 Inches
manufacturerโ€ŽGuangzhou Ruiteng Electric Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd.
warranty_typeโ€Ž1 year warranty
package_weightโ€Ž43.8 Kilograms
customer_reviews4.2 4.2 out of 5 stars 46 ratings 4.2 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank#50,890 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors) #49 in Adult Electric Bicycles
included_componentsโ€ŽElectric Bike
date_first_availableMay 13, 2023
warranty_descriptionโ€Ž2 year manufacturer
specific_uses_for_productโ€ŽTrail, communting, Road, Gravel
maximum_weight_recommendationโ€Ž330 Pounds
item_package_dimensions_l_x_w_x_hโ€Ž59.06 x 33.07 x 13.78 inches

  • B and B

    over all i am very pleased with this Ebike. I have hit speeds of 27 and 28mph. There are only a couple of things I would change if I could. 1 the rack, is very nice and has good welds, and love the tail light. There are no clips to tie things down, I use bungee cords to tie my backpack down, and the bars allow the hooks to slide. 2 My mileage now keep in mind it is very cold at the moment (wind chill is down to -4) but 8 miles and I'm 1/2 battery. 3 the headlight I don't like it. It could be brighter and cover more than it does.The real question would I buy it again? YES without thinking twice! For a first Ebike, you can not go wrong with it.

  • Debra Washington

    I received my bike and I put it together in the same day.I use the video instructions to put the bike together and the instructions clear and easy. The bike is worth the price nice size and well put together. Iโ€™m very pleased with it, I canโ€™t wait to get my basket to complete my bike and Iโ€™m getting some free gifts, two mirrors , bracket for my phone and bike cover.This is a great Christmas present. I love my bike. I ordered mine through Amazon. I received it in 4 days in a nice big shipping box well packed. Thanks Iโ€™m very pleased.

  • Cameron

    I bought this bike for my husband for Christmas. It worked great for 2 days and then all of a sudden the screen would not power on, despite the battery being fully charged. Customer service has been pretty bad with very poor communication. They did send me a new controller (they thought that was the problem) but after the hastle of installing it (and it was a HASTLE that we had to figure out on our own), the screen would still not power on. We are currently waiting on a response from customer service to see if they have any other ideas on how to make their product actually work. Save yourself a headache and do not buy this bike!!!

  • Craig A. Brumley

    Iโ€™ve had it for a couple of weeks and Iโ€™m diggingโ€™ it. Iโ€™m 60 and hadnโ€™t ridden a bike since my 20s. Itโ€™s easy to get used to, sturdy feeling; really feels like quality. Iโ€™ve been on and off road with it. Iโ€™d ride it every day if the weather was better; canโ€™t wait til Spring. Love it.

  • Shelia L.

    Bike has been great. Did have an issue with shipping. The gear shift lever was broken in transit. I notified the shipper and they quickly responded and sent a new one. However I feel like they should have offered to pay to have this replaced because it wasnโ€™t cheap and I wasnโ€™t going to mess with all the cables and not get them fixed back the way they should be. So I paid $120 to have this done. Shouldโ€™ve been covered.

  • M. McKnight

    As shipped the power button on the handle bar does not work (will not press down). Functionally speaking it's no longer an electric bike but a 7 speed manual bike. I emailed the support address in the manual as it looks like the power button and LCD display can be replaced as a unit.Contacted the support email and they expedited shipment of the replacement part, 5 minute repair and everything is working as it should. Fun bike.

  • VFR

    These bikes are amazing. Easy to assemble and didnโ€™t take long. I would recommend these bikes and this company to anyone. Great experience. Great bikes.

  • Andrey

    Iโ€™ve put around 30 miles on it with just the throttle, it rides pretty well!Came mostly assembled with just the front tire that I had to put on. Itโ€™s got lots of settings and it shows things like the voltage which is nice, easily customizable and if you mess with the settings it can theoretically get up to 30 mph.As far as range goes, I usually go 10 miles in a single trip and the battery is at around 4/5 bars so If I had to guess it would go around 30 miles on just throttle. After a bit though the speed does drop to 20mph.I also got the rear crate for this bike that mukkpet sells and itโ€™s very nice, it can hold a lot of stuff!Last but most important, the support for this bike is pretty good actually, it seems like theyโ€™re based in China but they do respond fairly quickly and give pretty detailed responses/help in English.Overall itโ€™s a very good option, at around $850 total there doesnโ€™t seem to be a lot out there with these features (speed,range,support, etc)Iโ€™d give it a 9/10!

  • Azul2204

    ...o ya no ya..estรก bike corre como si fuera una moto....le a mejorado a otras marcas con respecto a la luz tracera ...sobre todo usando de noche o madrugada la li estรก siempre encendida y cuando frenas la luz se enciende mรกs..sobre los frenos..muy bien...solo hay que ser muy prudente en su uso y no exigirlo mucho en probar si frena en la velocidad mรกxima....lastima.que este modelo no venรญa con timbre con eso estรก bike hubiera Sido perfecto!!! La bike se ve como si fuera moto y los que han manejado moto ...sentirรก la misma sensaciรณn cuando manejen estรก bike...para mรญ estรก sรบper....SRA. SOLO SEAN PRUDENTE AL MANEJARLO A SU MAXIMA VELOCIDAD RECUERDEN QUE LAS CALLES ESTA LLENAS DE GENTE CON PROBLEMAS Y LA CABEZA EN OTRO MUNDO....MANEJAN POR MANEJAR PERO UDS. HAGAN LA DIFERENCIA MANEJANDO ESTA SUBURBAN CON LA SEGURIDAD PENSA DO QUE DEBEN VOLVER A CASA A SEGUIR PROTEJIENDO A SUS SERES QUERIDOS...SE LAS RECOMIENDO Y CUMPLE CON TODO LO QUE PROMETE RESPECTO A SU DISEร‘O Y VELOCIDADES.....BYE

  • Heather walsh

    Iโ€™m 215 and of course Iโ€™m not gonna get max speed out of. Unles Iโ€™m going down him. But itโ€™s super nice. They had a sale happen right after I bought it. And they sent me the items for that new sale. Which was side mirrors a cover and a phone mount I struggled a tiny bit with the assembly mostly the where the wires for the brakes went and tied around the back tire. The video is kind of not as clear. The dude in the video is kind of in the way, but we got it going. I love it so far. Thank you guys for sending me the items from the deal yโ€™all started after