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Vivi M026TGB Electric Bike 26" Electric Bike for Adults, Folding Electric Mountain Bike with 500W Motor, 48V Removable Lithium-Ion Battery, 21 Speed, 20MPH, Up to 50 Miles, Dual Shock Absorber

$ 271.99 $190.39
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About this item

【FOLDING ELECTRIC BIKE DESIGN】: ViVi folding electric mountain bike features an ultra-lightweight yet strong aluminum alloy frame that can quickly fold and be stored in the trunk of a car or at home. It's easy to carry, allowing you to start your cycling trip at any time. Equipped with adjustable seats, handlebars, and handlebars, as well as removable batteries, it can adapt to people of different heights and weights, providing you with a comfortable experience.
【PROFESSION 21-SPEED SYSTEM】: The mechanical front and rear disc-brake design provides reliable braking force and safety. The professional 21-speed transmission system provides a variety of speed options. The bike is equipped with a shock-absorbing front fork and premium rear shock absorber, ensuring a smoother ride on hillsides, downhill, and uneven roads. It's suitable for mountain biking and urban cycling and commuting.
【STRONG 500W MOTOR】: ViVI electric bicycle for adults is equipped with a 500W high-speed brushless motor, which has a longer lifespan and faster starting speed. The removable battery features an energy-saving system, providing longer battery use time. The 4-6 hours of charging time is enough for your daily commute or a day of biking in the mountains.
【3 WORKING MODES】: The Ebike & Assisted bicycle & Normal bike modes offer flexibility for different needs. With the LED 3-speed smart meter button, it promises a range of 44-50 miles when riding in pedal-assist or 22-25 miles using throttle only. You can choose the E-bike to enjoy a long time travel or choose the bicycle for exercise. Combining three modes would be a better choice.
【SERVICE】: ViVI adult electric bicycle arrives 90% assembled, and it's not hard to finish assembly by yourself. The motor, battery, controller, and dashboard are guaranteed for 1 year, and we also provide front and rear fenders for free, so don't worry about using it. You're welcome to contact us in case of any problems. guaranteed for 1 year, and we also provide front and rear fenders for free, so don't worry about using it. You're welcome to contact us in case of any problems.

colorβ€ŽWhite Bule
bike_typeβ€ŽElectric Bike
wheel_sizeβ€Ž26 Inches
manufacturerβ€Žβ€ŽGuangzhou Plenty Bicycle Co,Ltd
frame_materialβ€ŽCarbon Steel
package_weightβ€Ž28.58 Kilograms
special_featureβ€ŽDisc, adjustable, Folding, foldable
customer_reviews4.3 4.3 out of 5 stars 699 ratings 4.3 out of 5 stars
best_sellers_rank#75,140 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors) #94 in Adult Electric Bicycles
included_componentsβ€ŽLithium-Ion Battery, User's Guide, Charger, Electric bike, Tool
date_first_availableOctober 15, 2020
maximum_weight_recommendationβ€Ž330 Pounds
item_package_dimensions_l_x_w_x_hβ€Ž53 x 24 x 9 inches

  • Klaus Muthig

    My wife and I each bought one of these bikes, mine in black and hers in white. The bikes are well packed in their boxes to prevent damage. Upon removing them from the packaging, we were both impressed by the paint and finish. These are good looking bikes! Some assembly is required, but it is relatively easy, and tools are included. The individual parts include the frame with rear wheel attached, the front wheel, handlebars, seat assembly, fenders, reflector, and battery. The included written instructions were not particularly clear or helpful, but not to worry, there is an excellent video on the amazon product page that shows a step by step assembly. We simply started the video and paused after each step.Once assembled the bikes are heavy, perhaps a little heavier than I would have liked, but they are definitely sturdy. There is no guide to tire inflation pressure so I checked online and found that 35 psi is good for this type of tire and works pretty well. The folding feature works well once you figure it out. It was a little difficult at first but when you know the technique, it's not a problem.Riding these bikes is great fun. In manual mode, the 21 speeds allow a nice wide range of effort and speed. The shift mechanisms work smoothly. Brakes are strong. It's when you kick in the battery power that the fun really starts. In power assist mode, the motor works while you are pedaling to provide an unbelievable boost. Even on the lowest power setting, the boost was significant and the bike just takes off. In power only mode, you don't pedal at all and the battery does all the work. Acceleration is accomplished by way of a circular throttle by the right handle grip. The power level is decent and the bike can reach good speeds on battery alone. Not sure how far or long you could ride on power alone because I haven't used power only for extended rides.Overall, I think this is a great electric bike for the money.

  • Nick V

    Vivi deserves an astronomical 10-star rating for this bike! It's an absolutely incredible product, boasting top-notch quality and a seamless assembly process. This bike truly rocks – surpassing my high expectations upon arrival, thanks to the multitude of stellar reviews. The battery life is outstanding, and its responsiveness shines. The pedal assist mode, coupled with cruise control, eliminates the need to constantly hold the throttle.Unlocking the speed from the factory setting of 15-16 mph to an impressive 18-19 mph (I'm 6 ft 1, 220 lbs) was a game-changer, easily accomplished by consulting the manual. Remarkably, without pedaling, I average a swift 4 minutes per mile, but with a bit of effort, I can reduce that to an astonishing 3 minutes and 15-20 seconds.This bike swiftly transports me to my destinations, effortlessly covering ground without breaking a sweat – unless, of course, I decide to challenge myself. It's a remarkable ride that truly delivers an exceptional experience!

  • Anthony Z.1982

    So this is my first experience into ebike world. Being trained in the operation and maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants, β€œattention to detail” and β€œresearch” are quite possibly my strongest traits. So with that said I have spent about one full year researching ebikes, reading reviews and comparing features, pros and cons, price points and anything else ebike related before finally settling on this Vivi 26” mountain bike for myself. I decided at this price point, this is where I wanted to start for personal use before buying any for the rest of the family. Here is my experience so far.Ordering: I found this ebike with 350W power and 8Ah battery through the seller hemker. Ordering was easy enough. I ordered on July 18th, with an expected delivery date of August 1st. Fair enough. About July 27th, there was still no update about the bike shipping, and when looking again at the seller hemker, I noticed that the price had dropped $20 from the time I ordered it until then. At that time, it was now showing the 500W bike selling for the price I had paid. I reached out asking the seller to explain the difference, confirm what I had ordered and asked about the bike shipping. The seller responded quickly each time I wrote, explained every difference, did confirm that the price did drop, and freely offered a refund for the difference. I was greatly satisfied with the responses.Shipping: As above, it took a full 10 days from the time I ordered the bike, until it even shipped, or at least updated that it shipped. So on July 28th, the package had arrived in California and immediately left for my location (across the country). Expected delivery date of still August 1st. The package didn’t arrive in my state until August 1st. After 8pm August 1st, Amazon notifies me my package is delayed, now to expect it somewhere between August 2-4. The updates and tracking for this package was horrible. And 10 days after the order to ship? In between this time, I found several sellers online who promised I could order the same bike, at almost the same price point, and have it in under a week’s time. WELL….the package has arrived. Open it to find the bike was neatly and nicely packaged…..EXCEPT the front wheel is so bent it is UNUSABLE.Bike Quality: I REALLY like it. As I unpackaged the bike, right away the front wheel/rim is so badly bent it is unusable. Don’t even have to spin it to see how wrapped it is. Now it is at a local bike shop tonight hoping the shop can salvage the rim and straighten it as I really don’t want to wait another week or two for a replacement from the seller if it takes that long. (UPDATE: Bike shop tried to fix wheel, but it was too badly bent to get it straight. Contacted seller and awaiting a response.)As I’ve assembled the rest of the bike,The REAR SHIFTING DERAILLEUR needed adjustment immediately, the REAR DISC BRAKES needed adjustment immediately, and the SEAT POST barely fits into the frame (needs a hammer).Beyond that β€œso far”the FRAME and HANDLE BARS seem good, sturdy and strong.FOLDING of the bike FRAME is super easy (compared to a similar folding bike I purchased last week for the daughter).Front BRAKE HANDLES and SHIFTERS feel like weaker plastic but functional. SHIFTERS are smooth to operate, hold position well. BRAKES work pretty good after adjusting. Not the best stopping power, but enough.The HAND GRIPS and twist throttle feel good.The HORN cylinder doesn’t work. I'm not concerned with this horn anyway.CABLES are thick, but flexible.Front HEADLIGHT works very well.MUD FLAPS are flimsy and don’t seem they will hold up well over time. Constantly had to stop and adjust them back to center during the first ride of the bike.I didn’t even try the SEAT, immediately replaced with aftermarket.BATTERY charged up easily, hooked up/plugged in to the bike simply and securely and the PEDAL ASSIST and THROTTLE ONLY mode works wonderful.MOTOR seems powerful, though without front wheel cannot test on the road.(UPDATE: During first test ride, I'm almost 6 foot and 230 lbs, the pedal assist was smooth engaging, pickup speed well and was a delight to use. The throttle mode takes a moment to get up to speed, but does so easily enough.)I am hoping that once my front wheel returns from the local bike shop true and straight, I can mount the front tire on, adjust the front brakes and actually ride the bike to see if it was all worth it. If or when that happens, I will attempt to update this review.Conclusion: Based on extensive reviews and research, I believe the Vivi ebike will be the quality as expected at this price point and a fair price point I believe it is. However, the shipping left much to be desired and the final condition the bike arrived in was a disappointment. I can say I have been satisfied by the customer response from hemker so far.(UPDATE: After the first test ride of ~5mi of pedaling for exercise, and about ~1mi of pedal assist and throttle usage, this bike is FUN. The speed isn't too fast and acceleration is what you imagine with only a 350W motor, but its speed is addictive. For a person of my height and weight, it was fun and never felt out of control. I do want to buy one of higher Watt output, but for just entry level getting INTO EBIKEs, this 350W I feel was a great buy to start at. The ride is AMAZING for me. With the duel suspension, the front FORKS are softer but handle bumps very smoothly without bottoming out. The rear suspension is a little stiff, though it might just be a preload adjustment to the spring. However it is almost the smoothest ride on a bike I have ever had.)

  • James

    My son recently purchased an electric bike and I tried it and enjoyed it. I'm 76 years old and my legs aren't what they use to be and wanted some form of exercise that would also give me some pleasure. Walking gives me exercise but for me it is a boring ritual. I decided to look into electric bikes and besides enjoying riding, I wanted some comfort as well. My son paid $1400.00 for his bike and I didn't want to spend that much in the event I got tired of it. I came across the VIVI bike on Amazon and did a lot of research on it using You Tube and other non Amazon sources. I chose the VIVI 26" folding bicycle in black. This bike has suspention in both the front and rear. The height adjusment is perfect for my body size as well as the height and tilt adjustments for the handle bars. I can fold it and put it in the trunk of my car. I'll admit that instructions were a bit vague but it went together very well. I have been using it for a few days now and am enjoying it. The service I received from the seller was outstanding. After I ordered the bike, I had several questions prior to delivery and they responded almost immediatley. Keep in mind that we are in different time zones. My questions were related to delivery time and I wanted to make sure if they would ship the proper color I chose, etc. The bike arrived earlier than expected, the color was correct and they even took $20.00 of the list price because of my concerns. I wrote back and told them not to do so for I am totaly satisfied. They refused not to give me the refund. How can you beat that?

  • Serena Dion

    I bought this bike to ride with my two sons. We live in very hilly neighborhood and I haven't ridden a bike in years because of the steep hills. The bike was packaged very well (lots of protection in the box). Everything needed to put it together was in the box. Once it arrived, my young sons helped me put it together. It was much easier to assemble and took way less time than I expected. I bought this particular model because of the option to use it with just the throttle. Once we got it together I charged the battery, and we immediately began riding. It is actually much nicer and way more fun than I expected. The quality of everything was surprisingly good. The assist controls are easy to set (even while you are riding) and the bike just works amazing! The only warning I will give is that it is so much fun you just might end up with several of them (my whole family wants one now). If you are considering any type of e-bike you will definitely not go wrong with this model.EDIT: 01/30/21 - My 12 year old son was riding it on the street in front of our house. The motor started making a loud noise and then stopped working. It now only makes a clicking sound when the motor tries to engage. I have submitted a warranty claim with the seller and Amazon. I will update this review after I receive a response.UPDATE: 02/03/21 - So far email communication with Vivi Customer Service has been very good. It appears the issue is going be resolved. I like the bike (and customer service) so well, I am probably going to buy another one.

  • JC

    I'm updating this review because Vivi has been very helpful in making sure I was happy with my e-Bike. I was upset at first because of a broken part and I did not understand how the the pedal assist works. It does seem to "surge" a little when you start pedaling but that is normal for this controller. The three levels of assist limit the speed, not the strength of the assist, so if you pedal strong rather than lightly it seems more natural. The broken controller issue was resolved and after I made a few adjustments, we are able to enjoy this bike. Though I thought this bike was a little heavy compared to a regular bike, but with the extra battery, controller, and motor, that is to be expected. It is light compared to most other e-Bikes. I also bought a taller seat post, a new comfy seat, and relocated the battery from the front handle bars to under the seat. Much easier to ride without the weight on the handle bars. Thank you Vivi!

  • AK

    Here's the deal on this bike:-I'm 6'0 tall, and am too tall to comfortably ride this bike. Upon writing customer service, they offered up a taller bike seat. Which, while better than nothing...who wants to ride a bike with a giraffe seat?-This bike is not 85% pre-assembled. More like 30%. It's a far more effort. And the instructions are...not the best.-And here's the trick: Although not shipped from Puerto Rico, to return the bike they make you send it to Puerto Rico -- which is significantly more expensive than just about anywhere else. So it's cost prohibitive to return, inducing you to just keep it and eat the sunk cost.It's cheap, it's an e-bike, and technically works. That's where the bar is set. So if that's all you seek, it will do the trick. Flat ground, short distance, fine.If you want anything more than that, buy a better bike.

  • Amazon Customer

    First off, this is a good looking ride. The colors really pop in person and the styling makes you feel like you are ready for the X games. This is also a solid bike weighing in at a whopping 56 pounds! It came well protected in a box and took little time to put together with small hand tools. The folding process is quite simple - just undo the quick release at the hinge and fold. While simple, the weight of the bike makes it a little cumbersome. Note that you are primarily paying for the motor and battery. The bike itself is entry level not much different than a Walmart entry level bike. The drivetrain includes Shimano Tourney TZ components which are cheap and heavy. However they shift smoothly enough but may need more adjustments over time than higher end components to keep the shifting crisp. The brakes stop this heavy beast with no drama. I appreciate the handlebar stem which is adjustable in its rise. One disappointment is the seat post - it is made for little people. I had to purchase a longer seat post for my 5'8" wife to ride. Now to the ride. It's very comfortable - even the saddle. The suspension makes bumps non-eventful and the handling is sure. Now to the workout. You definitely notice the weight of this bike when you pedal. This is where the motor comes to the rescue. You can set pedal assist to low, medium or high. Low means your legs deliver most of the power. High means your legs help the motor up the hills. You can certainly just use the right handlebar grip to power the bike with no pedaling if you want, but it won't get you up the hill very fast. On level ground, the fastest this 350 watt motor will push you is 16 mph. (To give this some perspective, I put a 1000 watt motor on my old mountain bike and can get up to 26 mph so the 350 watts left me wanting). So all in all, this is a fun bike if you plan to use it to exercise but want some oomph up those hills. The built-in bright headlight is icing on the cake. At this price point, this ebike is a good value.

  • Product Tester

    Update: After writing up my review initially being 2/5 stars, the company got into contact with me via e-mail apologizing for all of the issues I had with the bike, they ended up offering me the choice between a full refund or to replace my bike. They were very nice, and willing to fix the problems I had.I received my refund a week after communication with them as it processed.Company-wise I think they're a very well meaning company that's willing to do what they can to make you happy should you have any issue with their products.Main Review (2/5 stars) :Customer Service is nice, and so if you have problems they're probably going to send you free parts within reason.That does not negate the fact this bike is overall unsafe in my opinion, you get what you pay for.I have had just incidents where this thing just has gotten me in accidents.I use this bike 20 minutes a day 3-5 days a week for transportation to and from work.1st incident, about 1 month after riding, the peddles fell off on me!Turns out the metal inside just kind of stripped out.I get in touch with customer service and after 1-2 months I get my part to replace the side. IDK how to attach that, so I take my bike to a bike shop to put it on, and the guy there was saying it's becoming very common for this to happen to bike pedals, and seems to be a cheap bike issue.2nd incident. there's plastic on top of the bike, that holds the handles steady. This after having ridden this bike for about 6 months, is coming loose, I can tighten it but it comes undone after a ride, it lookes like the plastic that the 'screws' go into, is...stripping.3rd incident. The breaks has slowly started to get to the point they just don't work consistently, they work one moment, and not the next.4th issues, most reviews complain about the battery, and yea the battery ain't the best.Use to be 1 charge would last me 3-4 days. It's to the point a charge can last me 3 days, but to be on the sure side it's best to charge every other day.I probably will not explain this part the best but a thing but the simplest way to explain it is Speed Level isn't always consistent.I personally dislike the battery is when the bike is low battery (2/3 lights out of 5) it runs slower on all setting, I actually wish that slowness it has on low battery was an option as a speed setting, the low setting when fully charged is actually more powerful than I need for the majority of my bike route.So it makes me irritated that if it was a speed setting I could be saving the energy in my bike, when it's low battery I can't really get the actual Medium speed, because on low battery Medium Speed is the same speed as low speed when the bike is fully charged. I have a hill I need the actual power of Medium speed on.I don't feel safe riding my bike anymore, and need to again go to a repair shop for this thing.You need a bike that you know you're using more than a handful of a times, do yourself a favor get a better quality bike even if it's more expensive, I think you'll save yourself in the long run.

  • mzmony

    The bike was packaged well. Damage to the box did not affect the bike inside. There was a bolt that looked like an axle, wrapped in cardboard and taped, which I could not figure out what it was for, as directions are sorely lacking, (TG for youtube videos) but my helper said it was a piece for shipping purposes that was to be "removed" from the fork when the front wheel was installed. It was never put where it should have been for the shipping. The fenders are flimsy and (rear) moves at the slightest touch but replacing with a rack so I didnt care. You have to find a rack that is wide enough to clear the disk brakes, and being short, I had to get one that did not attach to the seat post as they raise the seat 2 or more inches. [Got a Topeak at a bike shop $50 and it has a bag that slides on the rails and hooks to the front of it (another $80)] Thats' when I found the holes by the axle aren't standard size and the ones on the rack needed drilled out a bit to fit the holes on the bike, with replacement bolts needed as well.) I also replaced the seat with a Cloud 9--but expected to have to do that. The bar could be a bit lower for short people (5'4" with 29" inseam-- I barely touch the ground with seat at its lowest and the bar with a traditional bottle holder can be dangerous to 'delicate' parts.) I got a handlebar bag (4-5" deep) with phone and bottle holder but it doesnt leave a lot of room between it and the seat to stand down.The shifter clacks a bit in lower gears,(may just need an adjustment) and isn't smooth to change one gear at a time, so I just use #4 on the right with largest gear on the left. It is easy to peddle without assist. I have ridden other bikes of this brand and found the peddle assist helps you immediately on peddle pressure when pulling out. Mine doesnt kick in till you are already moving a bit, having to push the peddle at least a quarter to half turn, but you can use the throttle to get moving-just be securely seated before you hit it as it takes off really well. It may be my imagination but it seems the Peddle assist, in low, allows you to peddle yourself without much help after the initial boost. Med and High can shoot you ahead like a rocket. [My biking partner says he can hear the turbo kick in :-)] This would be useful if you use the bike for transportation rather than just enabled exercise. My throttle connection seems to come undone easily but no big deal to reconnect, but be aware before pulling out in front of anyone hoping it will clear you from harm. I pedaled a 14 mile, mostly level trail, turning assist off an on, using throttle periodically and half a dozen stops and starts and the battery level went down 1 notch, coming back to full after stops, so I can't say for sure how far it would go before it ran out but it seems it would go as long as advertised.My major disappointment is that you cannot use the throttle unless the peddle assist is engaged, either in low/med/high. You can turn the P/A off, and the battery indicator still is lit but the power to the throttle is cut in this (somewhat useless?) mode. This eliminates the ability to peddle solely on your own power with the throttle available to clear intersections or for emergency burst of speed. (I couldn't get a straight answer from mfr or seller on this as they didn't seem to understand what I was asking, but they are very responsive to questions. I recommend remembering what seller you buy from --because they change daily and some disappear-- as asking questions from the mfr, they demand to know that and refer you to seller rather than answering general questions themselves.) Handlebars could use a permanent "tool" to enable laying them flat for transport and they don't tilt much to raise for wrist comfort but can be raised to level arms out. They do give you all sizes of allen wrench for every part of the bike but a permanent one attached is convenient on bikes that have it.All in all it's a nice rideable bike and you can't beat the price. It arrives in days rather than the months you may wait at a bike shop, and regardless of what bike shops who sell more expensive brands may tell you before you buy, I found shops that are happy to repair any brand, your money is good with them and if you have a serious problem you can buy THREE of these for the price of ONE of their 'cheap' ones. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend this to friends--and have.